LAHORE-Provincial Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Rana Sanaullah Khan has said that Babar Awan is living in a fool’s paradise.

In a statement here on Sunday, he said that Punjab was the stronghold of Pakistan Muslim League-N and people will prove this fact in the next elections. He said that the successful public meetings of PML-N had perturbed Mr Awan.

The law minister said that the entire country was concerned over government’s corruption but Babar Awan saw nothing wrong. He said that the glare of currency notes had blinded Babar Awan and he could not differentiate between the right and the wrong. Provincial Minister said: “We are not Babar Awan as would loot money in the name of judges and the so-called “Champion of Democracy.”  He said corrupt would soon be held accountable by the people. He said that the very thought of distributing sweets on the death of Bhutto will not let him rest in peace even after death.

Sanaullah asked Babar Awan to tell the nation who was the founder of Dogar court and making mockery of court’s decisions. He said that people would soon take to task those who brought disgrace to national institutions through Memogate scandal. He said that PPP joined hands with such turncoat as were badly rejected by the masses. He further said that people were fully aware of PPP government’s conspiracy against the sovereignty of the country and national institutions and will not be misled.