The entire nation is in a state of despondency and stupor. Everyone in the country is complaining of skyrocketing prices of items of daily use, unemployment, lawlessness, rampant corruption in all government departments and difficulties in getting justice in thanas or courts. They see the rulers enjoying a royal life without any accountability. There is a huge army of ministers both at provincial as well as federal level who have unlimited facilities. They are all free loaders having free furnished bungalows, free transport, telephone and perhaps free food also. The awareness level due to free media has gone very high. The common man now knows about the foreign minister carrying a purse worth about Rs 2 million, the first lady shopping at Harrods London spending about Rs 5 million in one go, majority of the ministers have bullet proof cars plus those who are close to the President or the PM.

The nation fails to understand why our railways, PIA, PSM and major institutions have been grounded to almost complete halt. The common man is despondent because rulers are not interested in their welfare and the entire machinery is busy in defending their failures in governance in almost all the departments and at the same time looting and plundering the national wealth. The time is being wasted on issues like NICL case, Hajj Scandal, memogate, Nato attack, revival of ZA Bhutto case, missing persons mystery, revisiting Swiss cases, Zardari’s sickness and reappearance on the national scene etc as one does not see any outcome of all these cases.

The government is determined not to implement any of the Supreme Court’s orders thus prolonging their rule to complete their tenure. The nation is pained to learn that over Rs 3 million is being spent daily on the upkeep of Presidency and the PM House alone, the rulers of starving millions. The rulers are least bothered to practice austerity and tighten up their belts in order to face expected financial crunch in the country.

The rulers claim that they have got a five years mandate to rule the country. Yes they have got the mandate to rule the country and not to misrule wherein no department is working with sincerity or national interest thus violating the oath. If they do not want to resign for the misrule or inefficiency, they should hold free and fair elections immediately to get a fresh mandate which is part of democracy and within the parameters of constitution.


December 29.