Despite the chaos and mess created over the years by our so called leaders, Pakistan has produced some fine individuals who make us all proud; amongst them is none other than Air Commodore M M Alam. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest fighter pilots of all times and arguably the best in the modern jet warfare era. Alam Sahib is the only `Jet Ace’ (An Ace is a fighter pilot who shoots down at least five enemy aircraft in air combat) in the history of the world who became an ace in the minimum possible time in a single sortie in 1965 Indo-Pak war.

He is still the top scorer in the Indo-Pak sub-continent by shooting down nine Indian aircraft and damaging two. His extraordinary feat of courage and valour literally put our enemy on the back foot despite the fact that they had a superior air force. Presently, he is critically ill and is admitted in one of the armed forces hospitals. Being a retired Pakistan Air Force Officer, I know about his ailment and keep praying for his convalescence. But I am very disappointed to know that a true hero like Alam Sahib is ill and still no one is caring for him. The fact that he is perhaps one of our genuine heroes, a unique man seen only in history books, he stands tall with other great fighters such as Ghengez Khan and who comes once in a century. I therefore suggest that our print media to specially write about him and the electronic media to air some programs about this war veteran from time to time. This shall indeed motivate our younger generation and millions of other Pakistanis who are demoralised due to the present state of affairs. A country who forgets its heroes can never flourish.


Karachi, December 22.