Blurbs: The year started with three famous fashion shows: PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week, Bridal Couture week, Fashion Pakistan Week for spring and summer collections. Though the timing was a bit awkward for the designers as well as for the fashion enthusiasts with back to back shows in Lahore and Karachi, still they ended on a promising note.

The entire year Pakistani fashion seemed like a fantoccini in the hands of both Karachi and Lahore’s council that led to favouritism and politics in the industry and we have seen the result in recent scenarios when a well deserving award was snatched from one designer and given to another.

Catch Line: In the past few years we have received different news about people indulging in politics and other issues more seriously than fashion but the trend has changed. For the past two three years we have seen the ratings of entertainment and fashion industry competing equally with the thrills and spills of news channels. As this year ends with so many fashion shows that took place in 2012, take a look back with S Plus and see how the fashion industry is all geared up to compete at local and international level in the new year. 


Winnie the Pooh always believes that a quotation is a handy thing to have about, saving one the trouble of thinking for oneself, always a laborious business. So like Pooh I wouldn’t want to put myself in one of those people who don’t have anything to say and rely on others words to convey their message. For this year Fashion doesn’t need any contemplation or redemption since it was huge and all over the place. Starting with the lawn fever, runway fights and fashion council’s indulging in cold wars of their own, the year ended with much hope and anticipation for next year’s fashion projection. Few of the designers nailed it on the ramp while others put the last nail into the coffin of what they called fashion.  With the lots of high and lows the fashion industry completed 2012 with much success and many a representatives of an upcoming brigade like Ammar Shahid, Fahad and Deepak, Misha Lakhani and Hina Butt, who have proved themselves for a better future of fashion with their collections on the ramp. The fashion weeks were not entirely about late nights, high heels and too many contrasts, not just between designers, but between established labels and emerging artists’ intent on making noises and those that are thoughtfully murmuring into our ears. Take a glimpse with S Plus into the much happening fashion yearly roundup and read who touched the sky or fell down from up high.

Highs and Lows of Fashion 2012

The year started with three famous fashion shows: PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week, Bridal Couture week, Fashion Pakistan week for spring and summer collections. Though the timing was a bit awkward for designers as well as for the journalist and audience with the back to back shows happening in Lahore and Karachi, still they ended with much promising remarks. The back to back shows had only on draw back that audience lost the attention for FPW and the effort of other designers went down in the drain. After when the shows came to a respite with fashion relief for the next 6 months, there was much to look for designer’s winter collections. The runways indeed showcased that they are dedicated to facilitating a gateway to the fashion world - from creations to consumers. In a well-attended affair, lead multiple Pakistan’s finest designers through an exciting journey into the world of fashion and by the end of this time we can proudly say that yes our industry has covered a milestone and is ready to compete on international scale. The entire year Pakistani fashion seemed like a fantoccini in the hands of both Karachi and Lahore’s council that led to favoritism and politics in the industry and we have seen the result in the recent scenario when a well deserving award was snatched from one designer and given to another.

Top notch designers of 2012:

Elan by Khadija Shah

Elegance, style and panache: these words correctly describe Elan throughout this year. The outfits boasted of delicate work on amazing fabric and mind blowing colour schemes. Way to go Khadija! You have won people’s heart with your fabulous collections in the year 2012.  


The King of Couture needs no introduction when it comes to bridal or lawn collections but this year he failed to meet up the buyer’s expectations and it seems that his interest has slightly shifted towards choreography rather than designing clothes. 

Bunto Kazmi: 

Remaining true to her design philosophy, Bunto showcased 14 pieces of traditional, artistic and Mughal inspired motifs and floral’s this year on the runway. Each piece had different design philosophy and inspiration behind it. The designs were titled as Nauroze, Daastaan, Red Tulip, Floral Fantasy, Silver Lining, Gardenia, Fields of gold, The Phoenix, Sehr, The Imperial Bride, Two folds, Traditional Finery, Garden of Eden and The Maharani. Surely no one can do more justice to Bridal wear than Bunto!


Fahad Khan always brings antique artistic taste to the floor, he sticks to one theme and creates the entire collection around it. His last collection ‘Gulab Jan’ showed intricate gota works, giving a new spin to bridal wear i:e less work and more of aesthetic sense through colour scheming and delicate gota, tilla designs.

Asifa & Nabeel

From the very beginning of the year this Duo gave mediocre work to the runway and there wasn’t anything difference to it till the end of the year when they wowed the audience with their beautiful colour palettes and amazing cuts at Bridal Couture week. But we are still looking for more improvement for next year.

Ali Xeeshan:

Made his debut as a choreographer at BCW and impressed the audience with his pure traditional collection throughout the year, Ali seems with a promising future to this fashion field.

Fahad Hussayn:

The Kohra collection 2012 Fahad Hussayn Couture provided high end fashion with latest trend. His collection consisted of fancy and artistic dresses. He mastered the black colour so well that anyone wants to have it for their wardrobes. With little bit embroidery and tussles in A-line shirts and frocks, and the white sharara worn by Fia on her wedding day took everyone’s heart away. 


Salute to the brain behind the amazing collection that literally fluttered audience’s heart every time he brought his master pieces to the ramp. This year with Jewels of Mehdi, he nailed it with amazing colour schemes and delicate work on his outfits. Thought the lawn collection was not much happening in comparison with the bridal wear but nevertheless Mehdi hasn’t lost his charm and we are still waiting for more for the year 2013.   

Shehla Chatoor:

No one can master the cuts with the way Shehla is handling them. With the introduction of logos in Pakistan Shehla has brought a very international influence in a very impeccable manner. Her Chinoiserie collection explored the potent symbols of life and power, love and beauty. Each outfit has been designed with an eye to detail and a careful sense of antiquity.

Zara Shahjahan: 

Zara’s prêt wear was way more successful than her bridal wear. The collection was wearable and affordable is really desirable and a must have for wardrobes. The prêt wear was about punchy florals with vivid solid coloured tunics, shirts and fluid kurtas in western cuts that were fun, funky and fashionable.

The House of Kamiar Rokhni:

This year Kamiar has taken a 360 degree turn by executing the print power in his collection. He successfully mixed print-on-print theme with beautifully printed tunics, jackets teamed with immaculately cut palazzo trousers and fitted cropped and harem pants. He gave a very international approach to his collection which is edgy and chic at the same time.


Muse presented a perfectly dazzling collection the entire year that offered beautiful feminine jumpsuits, palazzo trousers, sequined shirts, which perfectly encapsulated a certain type of relaxed, sexy dressing, which we wanted to walk off the catwalk and into our closets.

Sania Maskatiya:

Maskatiya’s collection ‘Uraan’ not only won appreciation but also took us into a flight of fashion at its best. The collection was technically brilliant using digital and screen prints from swirling birds to peacocks and geometric designs in desirable hues that puts her firmly at the top of her game.


What went wrong with FNK ASIA this time, the cuts and their collections were too flamboyant and disappointed the buyers and audience on the ramp.

Sadaf Malaterre:

Sadaf is renowned of collaborating arts with fashion and infuses life to the clothes, this year true to her name she brought favourite digitalized images included very Picasso/ Fauvism/Matisse-esque figures to the floor.

Most of the fashion lovers were looking forward for the collection of pillars of the fashion industry which included Neelofir Shahid, Rizwan Beyg and Umer Syeed but they didn’t showcase the collection this year which is a disappointment but still we are waiting for their outfits for the next year.

Debutant Designer:

Misha Lakhani:

This young has proved that with right time and right work, you can win the hearts of fashion lovers. She not only brought charismatic clothes on the ramp of PFDC 2012 this year but also awed the audience with her amazing colour schemes and delicate work on tulle and chiffon fabric. Her bridal wear was on the lead than her prêt collection. 

Fahad & Deepak:

Fahad & Deepak diversified their creativity and have also pushed fashion frontiers to many stylish levels. Their joie de vivre and energy reflects their stylish designs. Through FPW they have sailed their way through and received recognition by giving their best. All the best boys for the next year

Ammar Shahid:

Ammar Shahid, a graduated from PIFD (Pakistan Institute of Fashion design) in 2006 made his place in the fashion scene with his three different lines bridal, couture and menswear. His collection at BCW 2012 showed a bright edge to the world of fashion.

Tina by Hina Butt:

Although her collection was mediocre but there is a still room for improvement for this young lady.

2012 Runway Diva:

When we have beauties like Ayyaan, Cybil, Rabia Butt, Faiza Ansari and Amna Illyas then I think the designers should not be afraid of putting their outfits on the ramp. Sometimes because of these beauty queens, the outlook of dress becomes magnified. Once there was a time when we had handful of models which included Nadia Hussain, ZQ, Vaneeza and Mehreen but this year the entire imagery has been changed. In all of these above ladies, Ayyaan rocked the ramp not only with her looks but also with her international runway walk.

Lawn of the year:

With the launch of designer’s lawn there is a massive lawn war going around the year but Sana Safinaz lawn made it to the top.

Best Fashion spice of the year:

We are not ready to say Good bye to long flairy dresses as yet, these dresses were capable of making fat ladies look thin and thin look perfect. It is one of the best fashions of the year but yes we have to let it go for the sake of our fashion love.

Predictions for Fashion 2013

Here are the five predications for year 2013 fashion chose whichever you like!

1)    Less volume and flair! Say hello to Patyala Shalwars and short Kameez.

2)    Black, black and more black! In terms of colors then Charcoals, deep plums, rich teals and salmons will also rule.

3)    For the summers, a lot of bright colours, and holiday wear. Chiffons and other light weight fabrics moulded into fun dresses and resort chic.

4)    In 2013 we will see more fitted or close fitted dresses with a variety in trousers.

5)    For 2013, we shall see new sleek western cuts and borders that will be nothing less than an innovation in the world of Fashion.