Although there are only a few months left of its tenure and general elections too are not far off, the federal setup seems least bothered about how it would be remembered. The power crisis has kept on deteriorating during the past five years while its response has been lacklustre.

In fact, the price shocks have been inflicted so often that the news of yet another raise occurring right at the start of the new year fails to surprise. Overall, the rates have been raised by 6.14 percent, which is quite a large one. The price shocks have made it almost impossible for the masses to be able to make ends meet. The inflation that these frequent raises have caused has pushed the downtrodden, the labour as well as the working class to their limits. At best, it is a struggle for survival; a struggle to pay the bills and have a square meal a day. How far the Ogra has been wrong in calling the shots can be gauged from the Supreme Court’s observations during the proceedings culminating in its orders to drop the prices. Yet the forces of greed seem to prevail over almost everything. The CNG pumps shut themselves to cause artificial shortage and, worse, there is no one to check them. Besides, power supply to Punjab has made matters worse. No wonder that desperate government ministers talk about packing up the CNG sector altogether. A worrying scenario.