It seems as if the whole country has gone to the dogs, figuratively and literally, when rulers who claim being descendants of such great Sufi’s turn out to be rotten apples. How are we to evaluate people, what should be our matrix for good and bad? Is Yousaf Raza Gilani a true descendant of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Gilani who had never lied in his life, he even offered the forty dirham’s, that his mother had tied to his waist, when the dacoits had failed to detect them?

According to a report in a newspaper Abdul Qadir Gilani son of our ex-PM Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani’s BA degree has been found to be a fake! Is it very difficult to sit or pass a BA exam that this exalted son had to get a fake degree? And if so why is he allowed to become an MPA? How can we have people ruling us who find it so hard to sit for exams or get any education?

Abdul Qadri Gilani’s BA degree is under investigation by FIA. It seems that the papers were done in three different handwritings, the signatures of the verifying officer were found forged and the examination centre of Qadri Gilani was changed during the examination to facilitate cheating! All this was done while his father was Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan! What a shame, not only for this family, that claims high repute, but the nation that votes for such cheaters!


Rawalpindi, December 30.