Islamabad - The Capital Administration and Development Division (CA&DD) will consult Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) regarding issue of regularisation services of daily wage teachers working at educational institutions of the federal capital.

Chairing a meeting here Friday, Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhary Minister of

State of the CADD directed the officials of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and the CADD to discuss the matter of daily wages employees with FPSC as what procedures be adopted for regularization services of teaching staff working on daily wages who fall in 16 or above scale.

The meeting was informed there were a total of 2119 daily wages employees in educational institutions and funds to the tune of Rs 352.263 million was released during the current financial year.

Elaborating, the officials of the FDE said in model schools for female

564 daily wages employees were rendering their services against fund of Rs 185.263 million allocated in financial year 2015-16.

As many 58 daily wages employees were working in FG colleges of the federal capital but their salaries were drawn from student fund.

It was also suggested to hold a meeting with a representative delegation of the daily wages employees to get round them to call off their protest which was in progress in front of the National Press Club (NPC) at the heart of the federal capital for so many days.

“Regularization of services of them (daily wages employees) is not as simple as said, we cannot get them permanent straight away, they better to understand that it is beyond our powers,” Director General FDE observed.

He said the courts’ judgements did not refrain from taking action against those employees who resorted to indiscipline acts, and the current protest of the daily wages employees also fall in the same category as well.

Thus, he added, action could be taken against those employees who had been protesting on roads despite assurances their issues would be discussed at official level. However, the minister was of the view their salaries should be raised, enabling them to afford their families in a respectable manner.

The state minister also suggested a meeting to be held with the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to give a detail presentation on development and renovation work at the educational institutions.

The FDE official suggested the contractors were needed to enhance workforce to ensure quality and complete work within stipulated time frame.