LAHORE: The Edhi Foundation Lahore provided free treatment and medicines to 73,588 patients in its free dispensary at Allama Iqbal Town during 2015.

The foundation had admitted 3,485 people, including women and children, in Edhi Home Gulberg and Bilquess Edhi Home Township in which 1,840 people were sent to their homes after searching their home addresses while 1,458 people were shifted to Edhi Home Multan, the EF spkesman said on Friday.

The foundation had shifted 1537 killed persons and 3238 injured persons to their homes from hospitals during different accidents held in the metropolis. The volunteers of Edhi Foundation had provided their services in shifting 18746 dead bodies and patients to hospitals from houses and houses from hospitals, during the same period.–APP

The foundation had provided free meals to 106588 persons from Edhi Free Lunger. The foundation had buried 298 unclaimed bodies, the spokesman added.