Today’s sun, as usual, has set in the west. The darkness is combined with terrifying silence everywhere. All trees and all birds sleeping on these trees are silent, if not completely sleepy. But, no matter how much dark this night is, no matter how terrifying this silence is and no matter how prolonged this darkness is, the sun will rise soon. The darkness has to vanish. The sun has to rise. The rise of the sun will be the beginning of a new morning.  A fresh and cool morning. Everyone will welcome the sun. Everyone except those who died last night.

The last sun of 2015 has set. So, should we remember our dear 2015 or simply forget it by recalling and abusing some horrific tragedies that happened last year? We have the right to go with the latter or indeed the former. I don’t believe in criticizing anything without suggesting reasonable alternatives. If I were to talk about those horrific tragedies I would have been talking in a broader context by looking at different factors through the prism of my own subject. In brief, as student of politics, I am amply convinced that anything bad that happened in 2015, was due to our flawed political policies and one can’t associate those broader political failures with the inept performance of moral obligations of individuals. 

Let’s forget everything that hurt you. Let’s do it for a while. For a while only. And now try to recall at least one thing that made you glad in 2015. I am sure you will find more than one or two things that have made you feel happy and satisfied. I’ve recalled many things, many moments and so many people that have made me laugh, smile and feel happy throughout the year.  For instance, the main reason behind my happiness is very interesting and may be to some extent unique. I am happy because my people are awake. I am happy that my people have started thinking about their country. I am happy that my Pakistan will soon be a peaceful and stable Pakistan. I am happy that my wife and children will not ask me to leave the country. I am happy that now people question dynastic politics. They talk about their rights. They protest against the brutality of all kind. They are no longer slaves. They watch news channels more than entertainment because they do care for their country. They take interest in politics. They do understand that the time has come to change their country. So, they question. They question everything. I am happy. Yes, as Pakistani, I am.

One of the lessons of human history is that when nations are awake they do become strong, stronger and then strongest. And we are awake now.

Dear Pakistanis: As I said at the very outset that no matter how dark or long the night is, it has to go away. The sun always arises. My advice for you all at the beginning of this beautiful year is simple and concise: let’s keep rebuilding this country. Don’t talk let’s act. The time has to lead this nation. Pakistan is waiting for us all. We must stand up.

I wish all of you a very happy New Year. May Allah bless us all!