The people of Mandi Bahauddin witnessed 2015 as the year of persistent public woes especially delay in development projects initiated by the government while deteriorating the irrigation system and roads, especially link roads in the rural area.

The people said that a main project of 256-bed DHQ Hospital was approved and started in 2010. Its completion period was two years. But during PML-N led government, it was left halfway. Due to its incompletion, people have been facing great trouble. Roads and irrigation channels are in bad shape due to lack of maintenance work. There is no let-up in corruption which is going on unabated in every government department while the revenue and police departments are the worst hit in this respect.

“The government servants claim they are not public servants; they are government servants. Farmers of the area also feel depressed as their crops do not give return for even their expenditures and labour,” they said.

Likewise, power and gas loadshedding was a routine matter in the district, they said. Gas when available had very low pressure, they added. Law and order situation was not satisfactory; during religious functions like Muharram and Eid Miladun Nabi, they people felt insecure.

The rulers remained failed to fulfill their promises and only their favorite persons were happy during the year, they said and added the common public felt as victim of exploitation by their rulers.

However, the people hoped better New Year and urged the rulers to pay attention to the public welfare. If the people are stable and financially better then the Pakistan is stable and peaceful, they said.