ISLAMABAD - Deputy Parliamentary Leader and National Organiser PTI Shah Mahmood Qureshi yesterday showing his anger over the rape of innocent 15-year-old girl in Lahore called upon the state authorities to provide speedy justice to the victim and family.

Is a statement issued by PTI's media wing, he stated that the heinous gang rape of 15-year-old girl in Lahore was a complete failure of the state authorities to effectively offer protection to vulnerable women across Pakistan.

Furthermore, he was of the view that rape was one of the worst forms of criminal offences which casts deep impacts on the sanctity of a woman, both physical and spiritual.

“It is both concerning and damaging that despite the existence of legal framework and the fact that rape in itself is a serious crime punishable by death incompetent law enforcement mechanisms have made the perpetrators to operate with complete impunity,” he said.

Qureshi while quoting statistics from the official website of Punjab police said that according to figures released by the Punjab police there were 2766 registered cases of rape and gang rape in Punjab alone. However, the conviction rate remains at an alarmingly and critically low level.

He vowed to take up the matter in NA and stated: "As a member of parliament and deputy parliamentary leader of PTI, I will on behalf of the party vociferously raise the issue in NA and work in collaboration with activists, civil society and other pertinent organisations to bring the issue of rape within the realm of state priority issues."

As fathers, husbands and brothers we have a moral obligation and duty to raise our voice and relentlessly pursue this cause, to prevent the severe injustice affecting the women of our country, he concluded.