SAHIWAL - With an installed capacity of 1320 MW, Sahiwal coal power plant will be environment-friendly and produce the cheapest electricity using modern technology, Song Taiji, the chief executive officer of Ruyi told journalist in a briefing held at the project site yesterday.

To be completed at an estimated cost of $1.78 billion, the plant would become functional by December 25, 2017. Under an agreement, the power company would provide electricity to the government at an upfront rate of Rs 8.1 per unit for thirty years. After this period, the plant would be handed over to the government.

Song said that his company would use latest technology to reduce the Sulphur content from the emissions, a major cause of pollution, to make it environment-friendly. The coal to be imported from Indonesia and South Africa has only 2 per cent Sulphur content which would be further reduced to almost zero after a process of Sulphurisation. Environmental pollution would be controlled further by erecting 180 feet high chimney, he added.

Work on the project site started on 9th June, 2015 and all the civil work has been completed within six months. The installation of boiler steel structure got competed in September last.

DCO Sahiwal, Asif Iqbal told journalists that company was going two-month ahead of its target set for completion of the project. There is greater likelihood of its being completed before the scheduled time, he said, adding that work on the project was going on round the clock.

With storage capacity of one million cubic meters, the plant will get water from the adjoining canal as 70,000 cubic meters would be consumed daily. Asked about the security issues, Song said Chinese Engineers were feeling safe and secure here. “Initially, my colleagues had apprehensions about security, but now they are quite satisfied and feel secure”, he said, adding that Punjab was the most secure province for the foreigners for work here.