Islamabad - The mystery revolving around the death cause of a Saudi cadet, who died in October last in Islamabad, has been resolved as the forensic report said the deceased died of excessive alcohol intake.

According to the forensic report seen by The Nation, no drug /poison is detected in the stomach contents and liver of the deceased. However, it said stomach contents contained 0.097 g/dl ethanol and liver contained 0.19 g/100g ethanol.

Twenty-three-year-old Saudi national, Fawaz Mashan s/o Mashan was found dead in a guesthouse located at street 40, G-7/4, Islamabad, in the jurisdiction of Aabpara police station on October 17, 2015. He was a foreign cadet at Pakistan Military Academy Kakul and had come to Islamabad to meet a friend. The post mortem report had failed to reveal actual cause of death of the Saudi cadet.

According to the post mortem report, the 5-member medical board found bloodstained material coming out of the mouth of the deceased, besides observing abnormal liver colour, skull wound and deeply cyanosed feet of the deceased. The medical board of the Federal Government Services Hospital that performed autopsy of the Saudi national had said post mortem failed to reveal apparent cause of the death of the cadet. “Exact cause of death at this stage cannot be established,” the report said. The board reported bloodstained material coming out of the right side of the mouth. It also reported a wound in the middle of the skull measuring 1×1cm which was muscle deep. The report further said that smell just like alcohol was coming from un-digestive food contents of the stomach. It said the colour of liver of the deceased was not normal.

The board, however, had dispatched organs of the deceased including piece of stomach, liver, spleen, kidney, lung, brain, piece of skin, piece of small intestine, whole heart to a chemical examiner Lahore to determine the cause of death of the Saudi national.