He spoke for may more than one hour on PTV addressing his zomies in FBR on 2-12-2015.It was deception, fraud, full of lies speech in self praise or ‘shikhikhori or shikhidori’. He has ruined the 18 crore poor, posh by all his measures and quotes Stanley Morgan, Moodies etc, figures in fudged percentages to back it. He lied to improve economy when it is all bonded slavery to IMF,WB,ADB,18000 billions loans, thousand percent increase in commodity prices to 5 years back,500 percent increase in electricity bills,8000 billions corruption, trying to save MQM,PPPZ and corrupts horendous corruption by complicating issues for defense-security forces and diluting Zarb Azb. Who will foot the bill to PTV in hundred of millions for his speech about self praise and lies?

2-He says that economy and politics be delinked by politicians. Who does not know that he is biggest liar, deceptive politicians in forefront to do dirtiest washing of dirties linen of his masters in MLN. It is he who decieved PTI to negotiate a stupid deal on election probe or going to 90 to appease MQM etc etc etc.

This government by chief king, mns, additional kings ID and SS of Punjab is upto ruining 18 crore poor and Pakistan. Allah save us.


Karachi, December 2.