The incidents of theft and snatching of motorcycles considerably increased in Sialkot district during 2015 due to poor police performance in almost all the urban and rural parts of the district, it is learnt.

Official statistics provided by police revealed that the criminal acts were carried out across the district while the police remained unable to trace out the culprits and criminals directly or indirectly involved in the major dacoity, robbery or theft incidents in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils.

According to the statistics provided by the Sialkot police, 622 incidents of motorcycle theft and 231 of snatching occurred in Sialkot district during 2015. However, the incidents not registered by the police are not included in the list.

The police registered 11,235 cases of different natures in 20 police stations of Sialkot district during the year 2015, as the Daska city police station remained on top by registering 1,116 cases while minimum 43 cases were registered in Phookaliyaan police station during the last year.

The police registered 560 cases in Kotwali station, 1,079 cases in Hajipura station, 564 cases in Naikapura station, 526 cases in Rangpura station, 562 cases in Civil Line station, 675 in Sialkot Cantt station, 282 in Head Marala station, 366 in Kotli Loharaan station, 972 in Sialkot Saddar station, 668 cases in Motra station, 231 in Kotli Said Ameer station, 480 in Pasrur Saddar station, 510 in Pasrur City station, 382 in Badiana station, 826 in Uggoki station, 342 in Qila Kalarwala station, 295 in Bambaanwala station, 756 in Sambrial station, 1,116 in Daska City station and only 43 cases were registered in Phookaliyaan police station.

The statistics revealed that the police registered 41 cases as average per day in all the 365 days of year 2015. The crime rate remained on the rise in Sialkot district as compared to 2014. The the number of cases registered in year 2015 is much high than the number of the cases registered by police in 2014.

Daska Circle remained on top in rising heinous crimes occurred here during the year 2015. Police registered 2,964 cases including the cases of murder, kidnapping for ransom, robbery, theft and dacoity as well during the last year.

Meanwhile, District Police Officer Rai Ejaz Ahmed told the newsmen that the district police had arrested 448 dangerous members of 123 inter-district gangs of dacoits besides recovering stolen and snatched valuables including cash, gold ornaments, motorcycles, cars and cattle worth Rs53 million.

He added that the Sialkot police also recovered 34 Kalashnikovs, 169 guns, 197 rifles, 50 revolvers, 1,399 pistols, 15,814 bullets, 464kg fine quality Charas and 10kg heroin. It also unearthed 110 distilleries and seized 12,363 liters of wine from criminals and drug pushers during special campaign launched during the last year. The police also arrested 2,277 proclaimed offenders and 1,430 court absconders.