KARACHI - Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) has planned many steps to effectively control the use of unfair means at examination centers and hook up by the students, parents and agents with the board officials and teachers marking the answer sheets to get the marks increased.

BSEK Chairman Professor Dr Saeed-ud-din, in an interview with APP here, said the board authorities were definitely alive and concerned about weaknesses in the examination system. “Better arrangements are needed to be made by the board, the city administration and also Sindh Education department,” he said, and added,

“Among various measures, BESK, in coordination with Sindh Education department, will start holding a series of seminars and workshops from the next month to train paper setters in making the question papers and later assessing the answer sheets in the best possible manner so that the talented and hardworking students and teachers could be encouraged, and cheaters and their facilitators were discouraged."The type of questions papers can play an important role in containing the use of unfair means," he emphasised.

BSEK chairman admitted that he had received information that many private school owners had got listed their schools as examination centers to allegedly facilitate cheating. “Most of these schools are almost covered with residences, which makes it very difficult to keep an eye on them and control of cheating being done through different methods,” he said, and added,

“During the last examinations, there were also reports of special rooms at many examinations centers, especially at private schools.”

“Senior subject teachers were used to be arranged for helping selected groups of students solve their question papers in these special rooms,” he elaborated. He assured that the board would strictly ensure that the government schools would not be used as examination centers. “In case of non-availability, the private schools at isolated points or at least not closely surrounded with residencies would be selected for this very sensitive and important task to ensure proper monitoring by the board and law-enforcing officials,” he informed.

He also informed that the board had planned to provide furniture and other logistics to government schools, wherever required for holding examinations in a better environment.

In the light of reports received during the last examinations, he said very effective checks including jammers would be activated to stop the use of mobile phones, especially smart ones used for cheating in examinations.

Professor Dr Saeed-ud-din said logistic and manpower support was needed from Sindh Education and Home departments to better control cheating practices.