During the last couple of years, the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has become a reliable institution, and its services for safeguarding the health of the people throughout the province are quite commendable. 

The PFA has won this appreciation by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif while speaking at the International Convention on Food Safety and Nutrition in Pakistan organized by the PFA in the provincial metropolis the other day. According to the reports in the newspapers, the chief minister while lauding the PFA as a reliable institution said that the provincial government would provide it Rs 20 billion on demand. 

The chief minister said that the PFA is doing a marvelous job in the food sector by initiating operations against the food outlets selling contaminated food. He urged the PFA to continue its good work across the province. He commented that the PFA has a good check and balance mechanism in place even for five stars restaurants. By as much as ninety-five percent of the masses belong to the lower middle class, and people of this class should also be ensured provision of same quality of hygienic food that is available at expensive restaurants. It is necessary to raid small food outlets also to provide neat, hygienic, unadulterated and safe food to the common man all over the province. 

While the people at large as well as the chief minister are lauding the good work of the PFA, it will be highly appreciated that the authority’s jurisdiction should also be extended to checking the prices of food items besides only quality in all categories of restaurants as they are generally reported to be charging much higher as compared to open market prices. 


Lahore, December 21.