The Accountability Court has accepted Imran Khan 's bail in all four cases including attack on Parliaments House, PTV building and SSP Junejo during 2014 sit-in. 

The PTI chairman appreciated the verdict and thanked his lawyer Babar Awam for contesting the case brilliantly. 

The court reserved the verdict on his plea of bail earlier today.  

Earlier, Khan slammed US President Donald Trump on his yesterday's tweet stating that Trump does not know anything about ongoing Afghan War. 

"He knows nothing about history of war against terrorism and briefed by the people who are enemies of Pakistan," Khan asserted. 

While talking to media outside the court, PTI chairman further said that he has been saying that this is not our war and was labelled as Taliban Khan for this. 

"We have lost thousands of people and billions of dollars in this war but still no one is giving us the due credit," Khan reiterated. 

"We faced destruction especially in Tribal areas but is still being blamed." 

Khan also targeted former rulers of Pakistan for dragging Pakistan in this war. "We were dragged into this for dollars and because of this we are being targeted," he said.