HAFIZABAD-An elderly widow was allegedly kidnapped by five land grabbers here from Sagar Road and her family feared the abductors might have killed her due to the police inaction.

The police have registered a case against four accused and arrested the main accused but the woman could not be recovered so far.

According to Maqsoodan Bibi, daughter of the abducted woman Khalida Parveen, resident of Mohallah Misri Khan, her mother owns a house worth Rs8 million in Ajnianwala, District Sheikhupura. She alleged that a land grabber of Ajnianwala Munir Virk wants to occupy the house and therefore he along with his four accomplices raided Hafizabad, bundled her mother in a vehicle and drove of toe unknown location. The complainant feared that the accused might have killed her mother as the police have so far failed to trace her whereabouts despite arresting main accused Munir Virk.

She has called upon the Punjab IG Police and the Punjab chief minister to order for early recovery of her mother.


The police claimed to have arrested four notorious dacoits and vehicle snatchers besides recovering a stolen tractor-trolley, bike, firearms etc. worth Rs1.7 million from their possession. The dacoits were identified as Hassan, Muhammad Azam, Aamir and Dilawar.