KAMALIA-The family and relatives of Ashraf Bhatti, who had allegedly committed suicide due to inappropriate behaviour of the local police, held a protest along with the dead body of the deceased at Thana Chowk Kamalia.

They demanded action against the officers of City Police Station Kamalia. Municipality Chairman Ziaullah Khan and DSP Saeed successfully negotiated with the protesters and convinced them to disperse peacefully.

Toba Tek Singh DPO Usman Akram Gondal took note of the incident and issued orders to the DSP to conduct an inquiry into the incident. SHO Arif Wattoo told The Nation that the deceased had not been tortured in anyway and also there has been no report of any torture.

LAW BEING VIOLATED: The Punjab government has completely banned the burning of crop stalks throughout Punjab and enforced Section 144.

However, the farmers in Kamalia are continuously burning sugarcane stalks. Citizens have expressed concern that when the dry stalks and leaves were set on fire along the main road, the visibility is severely affected due to heavy smoke. It can also be the cause of some great catastrophe, they said. The citizens demanded that the administration fully implement the Section 144 on the issue.