ISLAMABAD - Following the Supreme Court orders, the federal government has introduced new promotion formula, and decreased performance evolution reports marks from 70 per cent to 50 per cent, and increased the training evolution report marks from 15 per cent to 35 per cent. Interestingly, no change could be made in the Central Selection Board’s 15 per cent marks.

The new formula will be implemented in the upcoming promotion board of Grade 19 to Grade 21 of different services groups. The CSB will be held from January 9-12 under the chair of the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) chairman.

According to the Establishment Division’s notification: “The undersigned is directed to refer to the subject cited above and to say that in-line with [the] honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan’s judgement dated 13 March 2017 passed in Civil Appeals’ No 2019 to 2139 and Civil Petition No 518 of 2017, object assessment form had been revised on 18 June 2016. However, to ensure meaningful deliberation of each officer to be considered by [the] Central Selection Board (CSB), it has been decided with the approval of the competent authority to introduce another performa to assist different cadre controllers to prepare a note for CSB on various facets of all officers on the panel that can assist CSB to make more informed and evidence-based recommendations.”

It said: “The rationalisation of weightage of various factors for consideration of officers in CSB was dilated upon by the Secretaries Committee and it was observed that the Training Evolution Report (TERs) are more objective, and map qualities and potential of officers for promotion better than Performance Evolution Reports (PERs). In a recent study carried out by Establishment Division on the PERs for 2016 received in the Establishment Division also confirmed that PERs of the officers are inflated as almost 90 per cent PERs were either “outstanding” or “very good” which are inconsistent with the on-ground public service delivery. Hence, review of PERs weightage was essential. With the approval of the Competent Authority it has been decided to enhance the weightage of PERs.”

“Moreover, in order to ensure comparative merit among various cadres and keeping in view the redistribution of posts as per Rule 6(1) of Civil Service of Pakistan (Composition and Cadre) Rules, 1954 in the federal secretaries, which allow 35 per cent sanctioned posts of joint secretary and 65 per cent sanctioned posts of additional secretary for PAS, it has been decided that the threshold for promotion of PAS officer BS-21 shall be retained as 75 and for all other groups/cadres it will be 72. At the same time, threshold for promotion to BS-20 in case of PAS officers shall be enhanced to 72 and for all other groups/cadres, it will remain 70.”

The ministries/division, are requested to bring this decision to the notice of all attached departments/subordinate officer, under their administrative control, for compliance, the notification said.

There has been no regular CSB in year 2017, though ED was supposed to hold two CSB in a calendar year. Only one CSB was held in 2017 which was actually a review for CSB of 2015 as per court orders. Many officers have retired awaiting their promotion. On the contrary, two high powered promotion boards have been done in year 2017 to promote officers from BS-21 to BS-22.