PESHAWAR - Missal Khan, a resident of Sheikh Abad Peshawar, has appealed to the KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak and Health Minister Shahram Khan Taraki for financial support for his son battling blood cancer.

Khan told media here on Monday that his 13-year-old son is suffering from blood-cancer and is fighting for his life.

He said his endurance to find blood for him is over now as all of his relatives have provided him blood and now there will be hardly anyone to donate him blood, adding that he is speedy losing blood in his body, the aggrieved father said.

Desperate Khan said that there was no arrangement for bone marrow transplant in Peshawar and we are going through a very hard time without any proper treatment and the shortage of finances, besides the need for O+ blood at least five bottles a day.

He has no clue that where is found the money as Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi has asked Rs2 million for his bone marrow transplantation and he has no sources of earning and doing hard-labor with a local contractor to afford daily edible expenses.

He appealed Chief Minister Pervez Khattak and Health Minister Shahram Khan Taraki to announce the treatment of his son from the government kitty as he could not afford this expensive treatment of his son.

He also appealed philanthropists and non-governmental organizations to extend their hands for financial support to ensure the bone marrow transplantation of his son in CMH Rawalpindi.  

The philanthropists can contact the needy father on his contact 0334 9190620/0343-9646322.