Islamabad - The National Telecom Corporation, on non-payment of dues, has disconnected at least four landline telephone connections at the Emergency and Disaster Management Unit of the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad, which is supposed to deal with emergencies in the city.

The numbers installed at different offices of the unit were disconnected last year due to non-payment of the outstanding bills and the authorities did not pay any heed to the issue so far. Payment of the outstanding bills is the responsibility of Drawing and Disbursement officer as per revised schedule of Administrative and Financial Powers-2007, according to the MCI officials. The officers of BS-17 and above are entitled for official telephone facility and the lack of it is adversely affecting communication.

The officers have no option but to use their personal mobile phones for official calls.

According to the NTC officials, the reason for disconnection of official telephone numbers is non-payment of the bills. The landline numbers include 051- 9253212, 051-9253213, 051- 9253211, 051-9253218. 

Emergency and Disaster Management Directorate was established in 2008 in the aftermath of 2005 earthquake and Marriot fire incident. In the wake of these disasters, the need for a fully equipped, pro-active disaster mitigation and response unit of trained men and women was realised. Unit’s mandate include ensuring safety of all residents of Islamabad from any natural and human made disaster through “Disaster Risk Reduction Measures” and immediate and effective response in case of disaster to minimize loss to life and property.