In response to the flurry of speculation that has followed the Nawaz Sharif visit to Saudi Arabia; the former Prime Minister’s spokesperson has out rightly rejected any such possibility claiming that the reasons for visits are the longstanding relations Sharifs enjoy with the royal family. According to the spokesperson Nawaz Sharif “has always utilised these relations for national interest and never for his personal benefits,”

It is good to know that the elder Sharif is there to meet his Saudi friends and nothing more. Considering Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) failure to state the purpose of Nawaz Sharif’s visit to Arabia gave a chance to the opposition parties to label his visit as an attempt to strike a deal on the model of infamous National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) for his family, an answer was certainly needed from the party.

However, this answer is not it; stating that he isn’t there to make a deal or seek exile does not stop the speculation circus from rolling on. Without any indication of any sort why he is actually there, or what matters of national interest are being discussed, the clarification remains a partial clarification. Just a statement on Nawaz’s behalf will not eradicate the rumours that he along with Shahbaz Sharif and Saad Rafiq is not there to secure some political mileage for himself, assuming the claims of opposition parties as rumours in good faith.

Informing the public and media about the reasons behind Nawaz’s visit will help the ruling party in dispelling the speculations and rumor-mongering of any kind. The PML-N’s information team and spokesperson need to come up with elaborate explanations for the actions of their leaders. At present, there are many rumours that PML-N needs to counter and the party needs to do a better job of countering these claims.