CHITRAL-Hundreds of protesters from Golain valley threatened to mar the inauguration of 106 Megawatt Golain Hydropower House by the prime minister if they are not given electricity from the house.

A protest meeting under the chair of MPA Mulvi Abdul Rehman was held at Golain valley.

The protesters said that the power project was under-construction at their village for the last 15 years and they were badly affected by the construction work.

They said that water reservoir and dam were also built at Golain valley as a result their mini hydropower house, water mill and irrigation channel had been affected due to shortage of water.

They said that at first when the work was resumed they were assured by the authorities that they would be given not only power supply from the power house but also special quotas for class four staff and they would be compensated.

But at the end of the day when the power house is near to complete, the Wapda and Pesco authorities denied their promise and they are not ready to give them power connections from the house.

Abdul Latif, Muteeur Rehman, Safdar Ali Akash, Sharif Hussain, Abdul Rehman, Safeerullah, Abdul Qayum Shah, Rahmatullah and others said that they were promised that schools, road, hospital etc would be constructed in the valley to compensate their losses.

But now the authorities had denied and were not ready to fulfill their promise, they said.

They said that due to water dam at Golain, the local mosque was also deprived of water. They warned if they were not given the power connection, they would not allow Prime Minister Shahid Haqan Abbasi to inaugurate the house on January 10.

They demanded the relevant authorities give them electricity from the power house which is their fundamental right. They alleged that class fours staff in power house and grid station were recruited from down districts and local candidates were totally ignored.

They warned that if their genuine demand was not fulfilled, they would continue their protest.