HAFIZABAD-The district administration has directed the health officers to take a stern action against quacks who are playing with the people's health therefore deserve no leniency.

It directed the drug inspectors and health personnel take concrete steps to eliminate them to save the precious lives.

Addressing the meeting of District Quality Control Board, the deputy commissioner regretted that even vegetable vendors and grocers were treating the patients showing them as Hakeem and doctors. Deputy Commissioner Saleha Saeed said directed the department to conduct crackdowns on quacks the medical store owners who were selling intoxicants, substandard, fake and prohibited medicines.

Secretary District Quality Control Board Zainab Mashhadi, Drug Inspector Arif Ghouri and Chief Executive Officer Health Dr. Hamid Rafique told the DC that eleven medical stores have been challaned for selling intoxicants and prohibited medicines and efforts were being made to weed out quacks. The DC directed them to ensure elimination of quacks without fear, favour and discrimination.

During the last one year, several half-hearted anti-quackery campaigns were launched but the influential quacks continued their nefarious business with impunity. Such quacks have "hired" the nameplates of some in-service physicians to save their skins. The citizens have called upon the authorities to prohibit private service by the in-service physicians and surgeons to eliminate the menace of quackery.

Likewise, the Municipal Committee launched a vigorous campaign to remove encroachments from the busy roads and intersections. Red zones have been declared where pushcarts owners have been strictly warned of stern action and most of the roads in the city have been expanded. The traffic mess created by the encroachers has been removed to a great extent.

The local citizens praised the anti-encroachment campaign and urged the administration to ensure that the encroachers not again make encroachments on the roads.

PUBLIC PARK RUINED: A recreational park has been converted into grazing fields of cattle, safe haven for gamblers and addicts mainly due to negligence and indifference of the Forest Department.

The district government set up the park on 16 acres after spending more than Rs100 million about seven years ago but failed to construct the boundary wall. As a result, the park has been occupied by the gypsies. After developing the park it was handed over to the Forest Department which miserably failed to develop it with flowers and plants.

Local citizens have called upon the authorities to fix responsibility for wasting public money, vacate the park from occupants, build boundary wall and ensure proper facilities to provide pleasant atmosphere for the visitors.

traders concerned

at Rising burglaries

The traders have expressed great concern over the rising incidents of burglary in the remit of Sukheke Police during the past two weeks and have called on the Hafizabad DPO to intensify night patrolling to rein in burglars.

According to traders, unidentified burglars broken into Jamia Masjid Noor and made off with cash Rs20,000. In another incident, unidentified burglars broken into a mobile phone shop owned by Aamir Shahzad and made off with a laptop, 15 cellphones, balance cards and other articles worth over Rs0.5 million.

The police have registered separate cases but, as usual, failed to arrest any of the accused.