ISLAMABAD - The National Assembly Standing Committee on Communications Monday directed the National Highways Authority, the Frontier Works Organisation and the Karachi commissioner to remove encroachments on service road of the Lyari Expressway.

The committee expressed its serious concerns over the fact that the government had already paid compensation to the landowners of the service road of Lyari Expressway but the land grabbers had again encroached upon the land.

The committee directed that a comprehensive report on the subject should be submitted in the next meeting. The standing committee was informed that traffic jam on M-1 toll plaza in Islamabad was a regular occurrence.

It was observed that, previously, there was only one toll plaza. But now the Communications Division and the NHA have started to collect toll at two places that is at the end of M-1 and at M-2. In this way due to double charging of toll the traffic jams have started to occur.  The standing committee directed that toll should be charged only once on whole of motorway. It directed that Communications Division should take necessary steps to resolve the issue.

The committee was informed that the Communications Division and Finance Division had not yet paid increase in 20 per cent allowance to Motorway Police as approved by the prime minister. The committee directed that the allowance should be paid to the employees of Motorway Police forthwith as approved by the prime minister in letter and spirit.

It further directed that while paying the allowances to National Highways and Motorway Police, the inflation rate should be kept in mind and all frozen allowances should be released.

The meeting was presided over by Standing Committee Chairman Muhammad Muzammil Qureshi and attended by members National Assembly, Chaudhry Khalid Javid Warraich, Dr Darshan, Nazir Ahmed Bughio, Salim Rehman, Engr Hamidul Haq Khalil, Naseema Hafeez Panezai and Shahjehan Muneer Mangrio.