lAHORE-Sanam Saeed has proved her acting skills and made her place prominent in the list of big league actresses. With successful films behind her, the actress is now gearing up for her next release - the much anticipated ‘Cake’ which is set to be released on 30th March. Sanam is slowly blossoming into an assured actor, who not only looks good but acts phenomenal as well. In an exclusive interview with The Nation she talks about her career and success. Following are the excerpts: 

Tell us about your background what inspired you to become an actor?

I always wanted to become an actor. I have been exposed to so much theatre as a child in and outside of Pakistan. My mother took us to see shows and plays all the time. I grew up watching the musical classics, my fair lady, Mary poppins, sound of music, West side story, Wizard of Oz, the Mist is endless and I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

Would you like to share something about your role in the film?

I can’t share much detail but yes it’s a unique character which haven’t portrayed yet it any film. It’s about two sisters, one of whom lives abroad and the other is left behind here and their conflicts in dealing with their relationships and parents.

What are your expectations from the film? How was the experience?

I have high expectation from the film because the emotions shine through and will touch everyone. Everyone knows what it’s like to have a dysfunctional family. Everyone has a love, hate relationship with siblings, aging parents, secrets and truths. The story revisits family values and makes us rethink our family dynamics.

Tell us about your experience shooting with your co-star Aamina Sheikh, Adnan Malik?

I had just worked with Adnan Siddiqui in a Television serial Dil Banjara and he really has a good sense of the bigger picture being a director himself. He’s good with understanding the pressures that each department comes under and helps keep the actors motivated. I last worked with Aamina 7 years ago in Daam and couldn’t wait to work with her again. The professionalism, the dedication, the homework and the spontaneity which comes with strong actors like Aamina, makes my experience a lot more exciting.

Any memorable incident while you were shooting for the film?

There are lots of memorable moments that are hard to list. But our entire time in Hyderabad had really fun. We were all living together at a guesthouse along with Aamina’s little one and it was just great to see how there were no egos, or tension everyone worked and lived in sync. We had some fantastic times before shooting, while rehearsing.

You have always taken the versatile route, opting for different characters and genres. How difficult is it for you to disconnect from one character and step into another one, almost around the same time?

I have always been able to space out my project that allows me to reconnect with myself and get ready for a new character. Lots of reading, rehearsals and back story is building on my end.

2017 has been a disappointing year for Pakistani films. In your view what are the strengths in Cake that will make it click on the box office?

Cake has real emotions, realistic relationships and dialogue. It’s shot without the over use of colours and grand sets. It focuses more on soft warm colours and cluttered spaces. From the styling to the acting to the set design and shots, cake makes you take a look inside and it’s real, it’s raw and it’s riveting.

What’s your favourite genre when it comes to movies?

I personally love to watch thrillers and biopics.

What do you think where do we still lack in film making?

We still lack in our storytelling for cinema abilities. The context is where we still need to grow and work on.

What’s next for Sanam Saeed?

I’m not sure I had exciting year in 2017 where I did television, film and theatre. I guess I’d like to keep doing the same in 2018. I’m kind of living my dream to be able to act in all mediums. But I’d definitely like to broaden my horizons and look west next year.