LAHORE - Jamaat-i-Islami chief Senator Sirajul Haq has said that the country’s loan amounting to Rs. 31,000 billion should be recovered from those who abused their authority and plundered the public money.

Addressing party leaders at Mansoora on Monday, Tuesday, he said

present banking system had also acted as front man of the corrupt and extended full support to them. He said there were regular academies for training of money laundering and setting up fake companies, bogus foundations and trusts.

He said PTI’s five month rule had disappointed the public while the rulers considered the U-Turn as the path of their success. He said government had launched some new projects which were unnecessary and seemed as they were started only for commission and kickbacks. The government, he said, was providing subsidy on these projects in dubious way.

He said that mismanagement was the basic issue and all governments had been spending more than their resources. The Amnesty schemes had also been a mechanism for laundering of black money, he added.

He said PTI government was unable to control corruption or to provide any relief to the people so far.

Siraj said that the local governments had great  role in stabilizing democratic system and transferring of power at the grass root level. However, he said, these were being ignored. He said that if the funds of the local bodies were given to the MNAs and MPAs, the local bodies would become redundant. He said the government had given a hint regarding fresh delimitations of constituencies but nothing had been done in that respect either.