Lahore - Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that 2019 is the year of fulfillment of promises.

 “The mandate of change will be honored. A constructive and result-oriented strategy will be adopted to ameliorate the lot of the common people and to solve the problems faced by them. Similarly, the journey of development and prosperity, which was started in 2018 with utmost transparency, will be accelerated with renewed commitment and passion,” he said while talking to different delegations at CM Office Tuesday. 

He added: “Allah Almighty has given us an opportunity of public service and it will be fulfilled by treating the responsibility as a sacred trust of the people. We will come up to the expectations of the people and the new Pakistan will become a reality in 2019.”

The Chief Minister regretted that basic necessities of life for the people were ignored in the past and precious resources were wasted on exhibitory projects. “The state institutions were bankrupted in the past and wrong policies compounded the problems of the people. Only lip-service was done in the past while the menace of corruption weakened the foundations of the country. As a result, our government inherited the devastated economy,” he added.

He expressed the satisfaction that PTI government has set a new example by introducing meaningful reforms. “The era of hollow slogans is over and people will themselves be the witness to the practical measures adopted by us,” he added.

He continued: “The PTI government has focused on the provision of necessary facilities of life to the people.  A comprehensive roadmap of durable development of the province and prosperity of the people has been chalked-out by the government.

Exemplary steps are being taken for the development of the province. Lives of the people will be made better by working hard and every project will depict this welfare agenda of the PTI government.  The vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan is a guarantor of peace, prosperity and bright future of the country, he added. The country is moving towards right direction under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan and immediate solution of public problems as well as provision of basic necessities of life is the main agenda of the government. In fact, our every moment is meant for giving better future to the people and a strategy has been devised to devolve the fruit of change at the grassroots.”