Everybody is proclaiming to be a good citizen. Unfortunately, this does not exist. In our day-to-day affairs, how much do we obey laws? Are elements of patience and contentment alive? Do positive minds still exist?

Every person has a responsibility to play his role in the welfare of society but, unluckily, he is feeding his mind with a mixture of false beliefs and also waiting for someone else who will relieve them from the metaphysical land. Alas! As a citizen, we do not pay taxes, keep our environment unclean, rather, we mock the law, grab the rights of other, are prejudiced and so on. After that we raise slogans of change, honesty and brotherhood. It is also matter of wonder that everyone praises the West, wants to settle there, but hasnt brought change neither in himself nor in society. It is easy to see dreams but hard to chase them. I request you being a part of society to wake up and make it a land of peace. Happy New Year!


Lahore, December 31.