One thing that even the United States’ (US) President Donald Trump is not sure about is his foreign policy. It’s convoluted at best and haphazard at worst, especially when it comes to countries like North Korea and Iran. The sanctions against North Korea are probably proving counterproductive. Kim Jong Un’s frustration is now explicit as he has threatened to resume nuclear and Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) testing. The Korean leader’s recent statement on restarting the nuclear program speaks volumes about the US’s insincere diplomacy. Also, we have a practical example of how populist brinkmanship carries negative consequences.

Experts believe that North Korea is trying to exploit the moment, as soon Trump will face an election campaign soon. Just like any prudent political leader, Kim is trying to make the maximum out of this opportunity. But it is also true that the sanctions against North Korea are also hitting the country hard. So Kim’s statement can be seen as a product of both. The question worth asking is this: will the US give in to the pressure?

Considering the US’s readiness to strike a deal with the Taliban at any cost and if Iran also threatens the US with similar moves, then it is highly likely that the US will give in to the pressure. Nevertheless, what is confusing is Trump’s naïvetés. Trump says that Kim is “a man of his words,” forgetting that sweet words cannot bring the desired results. Demands of Pyongyang from the US are realistic ones. Kim has shown his sincerity, as Pyongyang has not carried out such tests since 2017. But the US has yet to play its role in creating a conducive environment. Objectively speaking, the US, unfortunately, has yet to come with an acceptable offer. As a result, both sides have reached a nuclear impasse that can turn ugly considering Kim’s recent warning.