The Pakistan-Iran joint border commission has jointly planned to take effective measures against terrorism as due to volatile  law and order and stability along the border.

Balochistan Home Minister Mir Ziaullah Langove, the Home Minister of Balochistan represented the Pakistani delegation. Mohammad Hadi Marshi, Deputy Governor General of Sistan-Baluchestan province, led the 20-member Iranian delegation at the 23rd meeting of the commission.

Langove emphasised that the two countries should adopt effective measures to stop illegal border crossing and human and drug smuggling. 

Langove said that there is need for starting the air travel service between Quetta and Zahedan, the capital of Sistan-Baluchestan. Furtermore, he said “There is a need to eliminate terrorist elements who are a serious threat to law and order and stability on both sides of the border.”

The Iranian representative, Marshi, said that people of Iran and Pakistan had cordial relations which had grown stronger with the passage of time. “Iran believes in adopting a joint strategy for resolving issues in the region,” Mr Marshi said.

He also appreciated the positive contribution of Pakistan to promoting bilateral trade. The Iranian government was also utilising all resources to boost economic ties with Pakistan.