ISLAMABAD - The diversion of CDA's attention and monitory resources to posh sectors of the federal capital has virtually resulted in a bi-faceted city. On one hand, there are areas that are well-developed on modern lines, provided with all sort of civic amenities and duly cared of; where smooth metallic roads ply in between the lush green lawns in front of majestic bungalows. On the other hand, there are sectors of I and G series, where scarcity of facilities is coupled with negligence to result in deteriorating the very look of the city; where burst out gutters persistently give off foul smell and spread the filth over roads. In addition, the roads are converted into ditches and pools of stinking water as the same are frequently shattered for maintenance of either water supply lines, streetlights, or any thing else and left without been repaired. TheNation, during a visit to G-6/2 on Tuesday, observed a big trench straight in front of the main gate of a residential quarter. Resident of the quarter Maqbool Malik, who is a senior journalist, informed that the CDA had dug out his door front for repairing electricity cables connected with the nearby-situated streetlight pole. "They assured me to cover the ditch with concrete, but since then, they didn't come back", he maintained. When contacted on phone, CDA's Director Electrical and Mechanical said that his Directorate had nothing to do with civil works and advised this scribe to lodge a complaint with Directorate of Maintenance. However, Director (Maintenance) advised to write an application and get it countersigned from the CDA Chairman for early filling the trench dug out by the CDA itself. It reveals that the CDA is seriously lacking coordination among its various organs. One day they come to construct a road, and shatters the same the other day for putting down water or gas pipelines. This practice is causing losses worth billions of rupees to the national exchequer.