LAHORE - The three-member fact-finding committee constituted to gather facts about the Mohammad Asif Dubai rumblings episode of the possession of opium still awaits the reports of Dubai police. Asif, who was detained at Dubai airport on June 1 on his way back from India, was held for having 0.24 grams opium in his wallet was sent back after 19 days following high level officials intervention. A report in the Gulf attributing PCB Chief Operating Officer Shafqat Naghmi that they did not get the details of the case up till now. "We are in the process of collecting details of what the Dubai authorities have mentioned in their report. "The report of the police will form the basis of our investigation into the matter," he was quoted by the paper as saying. Naghmi is in Dubai to attend the International Cricket Council (ICC) Chief Executive Committee meeting. "The police report on the incident is very important. We can ask Asif a hundred questions on this incident and he will give us a hundred answers but unless we get the Dubai police report there is not point in questioning him," said Naghmi. The PCB has appointed a three member committee comprising Naghmi, Zakir Khan, the PCB director of cricket, and Nadeem Akram, PCB director of human resource, to investigate the matter. When asked whether a verdict on Asif would be possible before the Champions Trophy so he could potentially play in the tournament, Naghmi said: "I won't comment on that right now. If Dubai police report is negative then it will be bad but if it is positive then it will be easy. "Till now we have not invited Asif for a hearing as he is obviously going to claim that he did not do anything wrong. So what we need is the report and the decision will be made on it," concluded Naghmi.