AMERICAN columnist Seymour Hersh's long article in The New Yorker that was carried by this newspaper in yesterday's edition establishes what has been strongly suspected about President Bush and his cohorts' attempts at destabilising Iran. While direct military action is not ruled out, there are ample indications that covert operation involving third parties have been on for quite some time despite warnings from some of the highly respected and experienced strategists that the Iranian nation of 80 million people cannot be treated in this fashion without provoking a serious backlash. Defence Secretary Gates has been quoted as saying, "We'll create generations of jihadists and our grandchildren will be battling our enemies here in American," if the US staged a pre-emptive strike. The article also confirms the presence of US military agencies in Waziristan working with Pakistani intelligence and carrying out operations against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, something Islamabad has been denying. But the article warns that 'Iran is not Waziristan'. Pakistan should in no manner become a party to any nefarious designs by becoming a tool in the hands of the US to stir trouble in the brotherly country. It must resist any pressure coming from Washington in this regard.