ISLAMABAD - Driving a car is not a luxury anymore and now the commuters have started burning their blood instead of oil and gas with a sudden surge in the prices of environment friendly fuel. The last day, prices of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) went up by Rs 13 per kg, who shocked the people already under mounting financial crises. The prices of CNG from Tuesday are Rs 52 per kg against its previous rate of Rs 38.50 per kg. The gap between the prices of petrol and CNG is getting closer remaining only Rs 23, which was two times lesser than that of petrol some two days ago.    The motorists and commuters of the federal capital showed a strong reaction over the government decision to increase the prices and called it as the failure of the present coalition government.    Muhammad Shabbir, a taxi driver, said while talking to TheNation that due to hike in prices of the petrol, diesel, and now CNG would lead to decrease the demand of taxis.   He said that the prices enhanced by Rs 2 to Rs 5 was reasonable but the people cannot afford the sudden increase of Rs 13, which is totally injustice with the people. We made big mistake to vote for the present government, as they are failing to provide any relief to the common man.  Only two days back, the prices of petrol and diesel were already augmented by 10 per cent.  Naseer Ahmad, working in a private office, said that prices of petrol have already increased manifold in the current year, making it totally unaffordable for the middle class. He further said that the rise in CNG prices would leave vehicle owners with no choice but to use public transport for commuting.   The commuters of the federal capital are of the view that the previous government was too good as compared to the present PPP-led government, as they are looking helpless. A car owner, Arif Bhatti, said that present government was totally failed to control inflation. The government did not give any relief in the federal budget but was announcing mini-budgets every day. He said in election campaign the basic slogan of the PPP was to reduce the poverty but in spite of that they are killing the poor by increasing the prices of the goods.