LAHORE - The grant-in-aid of Rs50 million by the government to Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) may hit at the ongoing lawyers movement for the restoration of judges over the last 16 months. The announcement to award money to a delegation of Pakistan Bar Council during a meeting with the Federal Law Minister Farooq H Naek last week, is being dubbed by a section of lawyers in the city a measure to win favour of the legal fraternity on the Constitutional package for the restoration of the deposed judges and keep the PCO judges in place. While others believe that the grant purely aimed at meeting the urgent needs of the body and its release was well within their due rights hence it has to cause no harm to the movement which they say, would continue till the objective is achieved. However, the fact remains that this hefty grant has broadened cleavage in the ranks of the community after its leadership was looked down upon by the masses for a poorly managed closure of the mega show, long march, in Islamabad on June 14 last when lakhs of people were also in attendance in the name of judges restoration. On the following Thursday, lawyers' protest rally was also not so convincing while on the next Thursday, lawyers could not strike a consensus on holding the rally when the Punjab Bar Council has unilaterally announced the same. The 'poorly ended' long march is being reckoned by a section a success of the government which was pushing the idea of constitutional amendment for judges restoration and the grant to the Bar, another measure to push the community to accept this channel while the movement is in a low profile. The last meeting of the PBC held in the city to finalise the budget, also witnessed opposition from some members on the acceptance of the grant at this stage when the government was not fully behind their demand for the judges restoration in accordance with Murree Declaration. At the meeting with the PBC delegation, the law minister also gave copy of the Constitutional package for perusal of the members and to elicit their opinion. According to Member of the Council, Hafiz Abdul Rahman Ansari, the law minister at the meeting wanted the delegation to give him a prompt reply to the package which showed in a way, the ministry wanted the Bar to concede to the Constitutional amendment  mode for the judges restoration. However, he said, the major concern involved about the acceptance of the package that simultaneously with the judges restoration it accepted the November 3 PCO and the state of Emergency to provide a constitutional cover to these Army Chief actions when the same were patently illegal and unconstitutional. Ansari, who along with others had opposed the acceptance of the grant, says the Bar should have accepted the money after the government has conceded to the restoration of judges through executive order. He said permitting package for judges restoration, would go to legitimise General Musharraf action of November 3 thereby firming up his stay in power and making his ouster a difficult task. Hafiz Ansari claims that a 'thumping majority' was opposed to the constitutional package. Another member of the Council, Ramzan Ch does not consider the grant any favour to the body in lieu of support for the package but something already allocated in the budget for the Bar, which was not acted up for the last 10 years. He says the grant came to the body after a member, Muhammad Kazim Khan, was authorised by its executive committee to contact the government for the grant as the Bar had run out of funds even to pay the employees and meet other urgent needs. He said a section was wrongly construing the grant which was, by no means, attached with the acceptance of the Constitutional package. Ramzan said the Bar was firmed on the stand that judges must be restored through the executive order. He said lawyers' movement would go on until judges are restored as per their demand.