WHAT'S a Guy to do when Madonna is making headlines for her trips to the lawyer's office rather than the recording studio? Hop the next flight, of course. A source tells E News that Guy Ritchie touched down in New York Monday so he can spend as much time with his wife and their brood as possible before she heads out on her next world tour. "He has been planning for a long time to spend all of July in New York," the source said. "It's not a last-ditch effort to save the marriage." Whether that's because the marriage is already over and there's nothing to save remains to be seen. But for now-and for awhile now-those close to the couple, including Ritchie's mum, are quick to deny that there's trouble at home. The filmmaker was spotted tonight heading into the family's Upper West Side apartment, where he's aiming to stay. "There are no plans to get a divorce," our insider said. "She is working all the time, but they are still completely in love." Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour kicks off Aug. 23 in Cardiff, Wales. For Ritchie, the source added, the biggest issue in their marriage has been all the media attention. (Oops...) As for the couple's ringless fingers, the Ritchie source said that the Brit hasn't been in the habit of wearing his wedding band for ages, while Madonna's rep said that the singer has rarely slipped hers on over the last six years, either. The duo tied the knot Dec. 22, 2000, and are parents to Lourdes, Madonna's daughter from a previous relationship; biological son Rocco; and adopted son David.                         - Eonline