PESHAWAR- NWFP Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti on Tuesday said that some hidden elements were bent upon unleashing bloodshed and violence in pursuit of their nefarious designs in the region. "The prevailing law and order in certain pockets of the province and adjacent tribal areas should not be considered an issue of law and order but an insurgency," The Chief Minister remarked while winding up debate on the prevailing security situation in the Provincial Assembly. He made it clear that the Government would be responsible for all acts and steps taken for restoring peace and stability in the province. Elaborating his point of view, the Chief Minister said the provincial government would be responsible for action and operations in settled areas against the miscreants whereas the Federal Government would exercise its rights in the Federally Administrative Tribal Areas (FATA). He made it clear that armed forces would not be deployed in any part of the province without the Provincial Government being taken into confidence. The Provincial Government, however, can request the armed forces for combating the elements, challenging the writ of the law at the time of need. Referring to ongoing operation in Bara, Khyber Agency, the Chief Minister reminded that certain criminal elements have not only established a parallel administration in Bara but even have added to the miseries of peace loving citizens of Peshawar. He drew attention towards attacks on innocent people in Sheikhan village near Bara and kidnapping of 25 Christians from University town area of Peshawar. He also recalled that certain criminal elements have also threatened trade and industrial circles in Hayatabad area. Defending the ongoing operation in Bara, Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti said  that "The government will use operation as a last resort  against such elements risking lives and properties of the peace loving people." He made it clear that this operation focuses on those who are involved in criminal acts against the innocent people. Maximum efforts are being made for protection and safety of innocent and helpless people. About recent violence in Swat where certain elements have attacked police post and destroyed the PTDC hotel at Malam Jabba, Hoti said, " certain hidden anti-state elements are involved in such acts." Elaborating his point, he said" our agreement with Taliban (headed by Maulana Fazalullah ) is intact." Even the supporters and aides of Maulana Fazalullah have denied their involvement in such acts. He expressed satisfaction over outcomes of such agreements, saying that peace process will take its course in the province. Extending thanks to Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani for supporting the Swat peace agreement, he said that NWFP government was in close contact with the federal government in that respect. He also informed that a strategy for safeguarding the boundaries between settled districts and tribal regions has already been evolved with the consent of the federal government. He refused to accept the dictation from abroad, saying" we are bound to accept dictation of the masses only". He recalled that soon after taking the charge his government not only set Maulana Soofi Mohammad free but also signed peace agreements. Earlier, several members from treasury and opposition benches expressed their viewpoints on law and order in the province. MPA from Peshawar Saqibullah Khan Chamkani while supporting operation in Bara has reminded his colleagues that it was against those who are involved in killing and kidnapping of innocent people. He said that all MPAs from Peshawar were happy with the operation, as it was the only way to get rid of the criminal gangs and he called upon his colleagues from opposition to support the move. PML(Q) MPA Nighat Aurakzai while defending the operation alleged that certain criminals in the name of Taliban and Islam are involved in killing of innocent people. Such acts on the part of so-called Taliban are detrimental to Islamic norms. Supporting the peace process initiated by the NWFP government former Chief Minister and PML(N) Parliamentary Leader in NWFP Assembly Sahibzada Pir Sabir Shah  said, " The efforts aiming to derail the process are in progress from the first day." He said that they were not against talks with those, demanding enforcement of Islamic Shariah in swat or any other part of the province. But there is no justification for "slaughtering of human being" in the name of Islam and Jihad. Barrister Javed Abbassi of PML(N) also expressed concern over deteriorating law and order in the province and held  President Musharaf responsible for ongoing violence in the country. Before the 9/11, he said no one had heard 'terrorism' but it gained ground when the army bombarded its own people in the name of war on terror.