KARACHI - Media women, publishers and journalists' organisation held a seminar titled 'Responsibilities and Limitations of Media' at a local hotel here the other day. Addressing the gathering Provincial Minister for Women Development Tauqir Fatima Bhutto said, "Women in media play a pivotal role in the society. Their worth is once known, as their work gets highlighted." Sultana Siddiqui said, "Responsibilities and limitations cannot be detached from one another. People who are involved with media must be responsible individuals; because the image portrayed by the media is taken up by the common people as the actual insight into a cultural background of a country. Negative image only harms and distorts the truth. Images that have been severed abroad highlights negative image of Pakistan, which is definitely not correct. Mehtab Rashdi said, "Changes are coherently taking place in the country we live in. Interestingly, when one rows up does it dawn upon them the worth of the word and meaning of the word, 'freedom of expression.' It must be cherished and not abused. There was a time during Zia regime, when even Quran verses on tyranny were censored. We though are an independent nation, we still need to become a sovereign independent minded individuals." She said that showing live deaths on the television screens was not a good thing to do, media should not become insensitive to human sufferings. Erum Masud said, "Media image and face is within us, but the main thing is how we get to execute it. Channels airing such crude images should limit it." Ikram Sehgal highlighted the fact that, "Media is the fourth pillar of the state. It has a checking function to perform. But at the same time it has and it abuses the right 'the tendency to sensationalise.' This ought to be considered anti-state. Media has a duty to perform, it must not glorify terrorists but it should strengthen the democratic process of the government, more importantly make the government accessible to the common man." Huma Baqai was of the view, "Media has a responsibility to fulfill in the shape of truth, that it unveils. Having said this it has a commitment to fulfill to show the truth that there is. We have commodified knowledge and information. Nexus of our survival with the elite, who have stakes with the big businesses do not allow truth to be exploited." PJ Mir said, "We are in a rat race, we need to put a check on it. Today everybody is harping to the same tune. As we unravel our national secret, we seem to believe we have done the best job ever." Majid Aziz said, "Freedom of expression has a lot of responsibility attached to it. Double standards are visible in the media as we get to entertain certain issues from every other angle. Democracy and freedom of expression is not meant for immature people. Media should try and exercise restraints wherever it is the requisite."