LAHORE-Punjab Chief Minister, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz has directed WASA authorities to install generators at all disposal stations and deposal pumps in the provincial metropolis within 48 hours and cover all open manholes in the urban and suburban localities of Lahore within three week at any cost. He issued these instructions while presiding over a meeting which reviewed the arrangements for the forthcoming monsoon season at Chief Minister's Secretariat here on Tuesday. Members National and Provincial Assembly from Lahore as well as LDA and WASA authorities were present. The Chief Minister expressed dissatisfaction over the arrangements made by WASA for the rainy season and directed that emergency centers be set up in every provincial constituency with the consultation and cooperation of assembly members. He further directed that trouble spots regarding disposal of water be identified in advance and disposal pumps and generators be installed on permanent basis. He directed that WASA staff should remain in constant contact with emergency centers as well as concerned MPA. He further directed that telephone numbers of emergency centers and mobile numbers of the staff be publicized so that people could seek help from the concerned staff in time of need. When Managing Director WASA informed the meeting that orders have been placed for the purchase of new generators for all tubewells, disposal pumps and disposal stations and the delivery and installation process would be completed within 45 days, the Chief Minister expressed his extreme indignation and said that by that time monsoon season would be over. The Chief Minister asked WASA authorities why they had not made advance planning for monsoon.  He said that such irresponsible attitude was not expected from professional people. He said that all such officials should be arraigned for teaching them a lesson. The Chief Minister expressed his annoyance that monsoon season is round the corner besides there is power crisis and WASA has not made alternate arrangements in the form of generators for dealing with the situation. He directed WASA authorities to ensure installation of generators at all disposal stations and disposal pumps within 48 hours even if they have to acquire on rent or purchase used generators. He said that when new generators will arrive after 45 days, it should be installed on permanent basis. He directed WASA authorities to appoint necessary staff on temporary basis to meet the shortage for monsoon season. The Chief Minister further said that assembly members have complained that WASA staff is throwing silt and garbage on  the sides of drains after desliting which is aggravating the situation instead of bringing any improvement. He directed WASA authorities to make proper arrangements for disposal of silt during desilting of drains. He further directed to install new tubewells with the consultation of assembly members by October 10. He said that payment for installation of new tubewells be made after verification of standard by  independent sources. The Chief Minister was informed that WASA is not undertaking water supply and drainage work in the areas of Wahga, Satuqatla and Kahna. The Chief Minister directed that as Wahga, Satuqatla and Kahna have now become a part of Lahore, therefore, WASA should perform its responsibilities in these areas as well. He directed MD WASA to present practical proposals in this regard with the consultation of concerned assembly members so that formal notification could be issued in this regard. He also directed WASA to prepare plans for sewerage and water supply schemes in the localities situated on the other side of Bund Road and said that services of a well reputed consultant should be acquired for this purpose. He said that the entire sewerage and water supply system of the city has suffered badly due to extreme neglect during last eight years. He directed assembly members to remain alert during monsoon season and maintain a close contact with the people. He said that as defective system of sewerage and water supply can pose problems, short term planning is being made to counter the situation. Long term plans would be evolved after rainy season and services of foreign experts would also be acquired for this purpose, he concluded.