In an alarming revelation, the SBP has revealed Pakistan's foreign reserves fell by $44m to $10.91b in the week that ended on June 14. Reserves held by the SBP fell by $12m to $8.267b, while those held by commercial banks rose to $2.643b from $2.567b. Foreign investors are highly speculative about the political and economic turmoil being faced in the country. This is owing to the incidence of long marches and instability in prices. The rupee has depreciated 9.4% since the beginning of the year but has recovered 3.2% since it hit its lowest closing on May 20. Concrete steps need to be taken by the government to ensure sustenance of the volatile economy. Rising of prices will do little to help the stability. Taxes need to be imposed on all the industrialists and landowners who have not been paying their taxes. Confidence should also be given to foreign investors and all steps must be taken to ensure that the industry is allowed to sustain and the expatriates lured into sending their money back home. -SARDAR ALI, Peshawar, via e-mail, June 20.