ISLAMABAD - Dr Tariq Ramadan, Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Oxford, UK, will deliver a lecture on 'Globalisation and the redefinition of Muslim identity: challenges and opportunities' on July 4 at the Faisal Mosque Campus of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI). The Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue, IIUI is organising this event, which will be at 6:15p.m. The leading Islamic thinker among Europe's Muslim immigrants, the Geneva-based author and university lecturer Tariq Said Ramadan, with a measured delivery of an academic, purports his ingenuous interpretation of Islam in a bid to bridge Islamic values and Western culture. Born on September 26, 1962, Ramadan is an academician, theologian, teacher and scholar. Included in time Magazine's top 100 thinkers and innovators of the 21st century, he belongs to a new generation of Islamic reformers and thinkers engaged in the application of Islamic values within a modern pluralistic context. As one of the most noted intellectuals in the West, Ramadan advocates the studying and reinterpretation of Islamic texts and emphasizes the heterogeneous nature of Islamic society.