This is in relation to the ongoing discussion by different persons and parties who are advocating a cut in the defence budget to divert money for the welfare of the people. Prime Minister's offer to freeze the defence budget at current levels has not been responded to by India, which has announced a 60%, increase in its defence budget. Indian president announced that the Indian forces would be armed with nuclear weapons and India would also continue to purchase the conventional arms and ammunition from the world market. As a common citizen, I fail to understand why we are unnecessarily weakening our armed forces in the enmity of a few persons. Our defence budget is already too meager and has been frozen since the last four years. It is barely enough to meet the day-to-day expenditure of the armed forces. We must remember that the nations that are weak get wiped off. It is the armed forces that protect the national borders with the help of the people. -BILAL SHAHID, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, June 19.