ISLAMABAD (APP) - To collect funds for the IDPs, an exhibition of paintings by Nofil Farooq was put on display here at a local restaurant. As many as 40 paintings of mixed media, watercolours, acrylics and charcoal work have been exhibited by the artist who practices with his inspirations of nature. Commenting on the works, the artist said, This collection is not only an expression of art: it is something, which is much closer to my heart. With the main theme of serenity, tranquillity and brotherhood, the paintings primarily focus on the farm side as the countryside and its respective elements represent peace, tranquillity and serenity. The farm side holds much more sentimental value as these pieces are not just representations of life on a farm but are actually based on my personal recollections of farm, Nofil said while talking to this news agency. Besides the pictures of birds and animals of different species, the artist has also captured the images of landscapes in live paintings and an attractive charcoal work carrying the picture of a coconut tree. I have many pleasant memories of the time I spent on farms and I feel that my emotions from that period have been portrayed in an accurate manner in these paintings, the artist remarked. The rustic lifestyle which one experiences on a farm or in a village is best portrayed through the animals and vegetation present there which transfer one into a blissful state which is full of solitude. The simplicity and purity, which are seen in life on a farm can not easily be imagined by one who is accustomed to a complex urban life. However, the simplicity of life can only be described as endearing to one who is frustrated by the hustle and the bustle of metropolitan life, he added. He further said that the proceeds of the paintings will go towards helping the IDPs of Frontier region.