LAHORE - It was yet another Question-Hour at the Punjab Assembly on Wednesday, which irked members from both sides of the political divide owing to the reason that the Ministers did not know what to say other than the written answers, which were rejected by the members, who considered that wrong replies were given by the departments. Incorrect, incomplete, indefinite, imprecise... are a few adjectives, which still perfectly portray an imperfect picture of ministers, who are supposed to given answers to the members, but they are mostly found totally lost after the onslaught of members. It has not happened for the first time, rather this has been the case during every Question-Hour since this Assembly started meetings. This situation has been already further complicated by the fact that all the departments do not have ministers, while 'In-Charge Ministers are holding different portfolios since the governments inception, who seem to be interested in getting the job done for the time-being, and never preparing themselves fully for the Hour. So far, all the ministers have been grilled by members despite the fact that Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal always tried his best always to bail out the Cabinet members through repeated 'interferences and clarifications on the latters behalf. Secondly, last year, Rana Iqbal had asked the ministers for taking strict action against those officers, who were found guilty of submitting both vague and incorrect answers to the queries presented in the Assembly, while the complaints are continuing to pile up, which was also the case on the concluding day of the 13th session. During one of the previous sessions, Provincial Minister Local Government and Community Development Department Sardar Dost Muhammad Khan Khosa seemed to have made it certain for himself that he remained away from the House as a 'routine when the Question-Hour used to be about his department, which left either any other makeshift-arrangement minister or Parliamentary Secretary Abdul Razzaq Dhiloon bear the brunt of the members for incomplete, wrong, vague and no-answers to the questions. It turned out to be at best out of the worst-case scenarios when the ministers could not add even a few lines to the written answers, which was also true of Minister Bait-ul-Maal Ihsan-ud-Din Qureshi, who had a 'clear vision of doing what at such times - have a laidback approach, and do not make a minimal move to speak till you are really made to. At one point, Rana Iqbal sought his attention by saying that the Minister should say something. As one of the rarities, Oppositions Amna Ulfat initially withdrew her question about the Zakat fund being given to the patients because of the wrong answer. This is sheer wastage of time and public money, when the minister is not taking interest, she observed, while showing her disapproval to the answer to the question, which was submitted with Assembly Secretariat over a year back. However, she discussed the question further, after Speakers request in this regard. However, nothing came out this till the end of the Question-Hour, as this was the last question of the day. However, while reading out the written answers, Qureshi apprised the House that a grant of Rs 200 million could not be spent due to non-formation of Zakat Committees. The Zakat funds are also provided to public hospitals for treatment of the poor patients, while no commission is being given to the doctors out of these funds, said the reply. In response to Opposition member Abdullah Yousufs query, it was told to the House, since July 2006, the Bait-ul-Maal Department had extended financial assistance to 288 deserving people including 22 NGOs working for the welfare of the poor and destitute people including widows, aged and disabled persons, students and dowry for the deserving girls. Social Welfare Minister Kamran Michael said that a total of 34 Dar-ul-Aman were functioning under his department and 836 women and 282 children had been housing in these peace houses till May 2008. On the other hand, interest of the members can be gauged from the fact that most of them were talking to each other, while the Speaker repeatedly demanded 'Order in the House. During the proceedings, the House also offered Fateha for the deceased father of MPA Dr. Asad Ashraf.