At the moment, a highly unpleasant sort of political deadlock has taken the Islamic Republic of Iran in its grip. This crisis has got its genesis in the wake of the June 12 presidential election in which Ahmadinejad got a landslide victory. Iran's Guardian Council has termed the election as fair, transparent and credible in its entirety but Mousavi thinks otherwise. He and his supporters dub the election as dubious and massively rigged and allege that all sorts of unhealthy tactics were pressed into service to make Ahmadinejad emerge as the victorious one. And so they are insisting on a new vote. To maintain the law and order situation and avert untoward incidents, the state machinery has launched a crackdown on the protesters. Wile taking the high road, in order to satisfy the dissident groups and put down the wave of violence, the council has decided to form a commission, including representatives of defeated candidates to carry out a partial recount and draft a report on the election. Ten percent of the votes will be recounted in the presence of this commission and media has also been allowed to be there for the recount. If we have a dispassionate analysis, it comes out that the situation is a melodrama. Electoral rigging may have been there but at this time, a tangled web of factors lie at the bottom of the crisis. These are the US-led anti-Iran lobbies which are at work and funnelling millions of dollars to prop up the dissident groups in Iran to destabilise the country and disrupt the nation in the course of its nuclear ambitions. There are ample proofs of the involvement of CIA in fomenting the crisis. All this flies in the face of Obama's statement that the US is not interfering in Iran's affairs. Actually, his heart may be in the right place but he lacks control over the policies followed by the most important institutions of the US. Comically enough, the White House spokesperson says: "Let's be clear: the US does not fund any movement, faction or political party in Iran. We support universal principles of human rights, freedom of speech and rule of law." These claims are highly farcical as the US is the country which is trampling on the human rights unabashedly the world over. Israel's Mossad and some other Western countries, reportedly, have also a role in stoking up the fires of the current violence in Iran. The Western media has also gone into the overdrive to hype up the situation. Actually the CIA wants to stage a so-called popular revolution in Iran to overthrow the theocratic rule of the mullahs. Previously also, there have been hard proofs of the US funding guerrilla outfits and opposition groups to topple the regimes in Iran. And presently, Mousavi is playing into the hands of the CIA. The writer is of the viewpoint that the plans of anti-Iran lobbies will get foiled as Iran has got government machinery imbued with nationalistic fervour and not given to betraying the national interests for the sake of money, as is the case with some unfortunate nations. And so it will survive the crisis. But the most unsavoury reality is that the Western media has failed to maintain its impartiality and resultantly, is losing its credibility by the day as all the analyses put out by it smack of being motivated and influenced by the powerful lobbies. The writer is a foreign affairs analyst E-mail: