KARACHI - Chairman Sindh National Front (SNF), Sardar Mumtaz Ali Bhutto, has stressed the need for immediate implementation of a confederal system in which historical geographical entities were given autonomy and said that it was the only way to pull back the country from the brink of total destruction. It seems, he said, that provinces had gone out of the control of the centre and situation has reached such a stage where provinces could formally announce their independence. Addressing a 'Meet the Press Programme at the Karachi Press Club here on Wednesday, he painted a gloomy picture of prevailing situation in the country and said that leaders of Balochistan had time and again declared that the province was not part of Pakistan. Even hoisting Pakistani flag and singing national anthem in some parts of Balochistan had been banned by some alienated leaders. In Sindh, he continued, writ of the government has become misnomer and 'might is right rule is prevalent in the province. Dacoities, robberies, have become order of the day in Karachi while parts in the interior of the province have turned into no mans land where bandits rule after the sunset, he added. He further said the situation was not any different in the NWFP where an army operation had been launched to get back the control of the province from militant tribal leaders. Commenting on the prevalent situation in Punjab, Mumtaz Bhutto said that Punjab had already challenged the Centre on March 15 and defeated its might through long march and forced the centre to accept its demands. Responding to a query about water dispute among the provinces, the SNF chief said that a few days back, President Asif Zardari had ordered the closure of Taunsa-Panjnad link canal. However, on the very next day protest was launched in the Punjab Assembly and the order was withdrawn, which showed that country was lacking the leadership. Mumtaz Bhutto added that Pakistan was dismembered in 1971 and now the situation had again pushed the country at the threshold of destruction because the provinces were fed up with the pressure of centre and now only the confederal system could save it from the devastation. When asked whether he agreed to the creation of more provinces, Bhutto said that Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan were independent states before the British conquered these areas and converted them into provinces. He said that according to 1940 Resolution, the centre would hold only four subjects while remaining fall under the jurisdictions of the provinces. He reminded that the violation of 1940 Resolution resulted in the disintegration of country in 1971. Bhutto repudiated the allegations that he had put his signatures on the NFC Award when he was caretaker chief minister in 1997. Substantiating his claim, he said that it was on record that the NFC Award was announced when Liaquat Jatoi was nominated Sindh Chief Minister after 1997 general elections. SNF chief added it was also on record that he had opposed the NFC and termed it against the interests of Sindh. Replying to another query, he supported the creation of Bhawalpur province and said that Bhawalpur was a Seraiki area with its own history and culture. On the ongoing military operation in NWFP, he said it was not the solution of the problem. Only dialogue will resolve this issue, he added. Earlier, President Imtiaz Khan Faran and General Secretary A.H Khanzada of Karachi Press Club welcomed Sardar Mumtaz Bhutto.