Ayesha Ijaz Khan in her letter criticizes Imran Khan for attacking the liberals. Imran Khan has been against the Pakistan army killing its own people from day one. What is wrong with that? The corpses our army is throwing are a mixed bag. The Taliban have taken refuge in Pakistan because of the US occupation of their country. They are targeting US occupation forces and US wants Pakistan Army to target them. This is forcing them to turn on us. This is not a simple who-is-wrong-and-who-is-right situation. The only thing clearly wrong is the US occupation but there is pin drop silence on that issue in Pakistan. There are some logical questions to be asked on behalf of Taliban; who turned them out of their country? What has made them resort to terrorist activities, so on and so forth? The Taliban had never acted as terrorists before US invaded Afghanistan. Pakistan made the blunder of joining US in a war against a friendly, Muslim neighbour. Al-Qaida may have been a fair target, never the Taliban. Pakistan should not have got involved with a regime change, a favourite US objective in any situation involving its intervention. The other people our army is killing are those who follow Islam in its textbook form, the religiously-oriented who follow Quran, Hadith & Sunnah. Whereas the rest of us have modernised to a stage where we pick-and-choose what we will follow and what we will not, these people are the strict adherents of all tenets. Again, there is no simple right or wrong when army fights these people. This is not a simple kill or nil equation. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, via e-mail, June 24.